Fully Ignited and Merry Christmas!


Fully Ignited and Merry Christmas!


Hard to imagine that we are once again closing in on the end of our Fall Semester. We’ve all heard it often that “time flies when you’re having fun”. Well this semester has been no different and the time has in fact flown by. Except for the angst in the air for the fast approaching Finals Week, there are the sounds and excitement of the holidays on campus which makes way for a few anticipated weeks at home before coming back and jumping back into a list of classes for the Spring.

Additionally, we are coming to the end of our 10th Year celebration of Ignite which launched January 2009 on the Life Pacific College campus in San Dimas, California. The support and partnership with LPC has been quite remarkable. Ignite began as a discipleship immersion program with emphasis on community development and global mission training. Over the past ten years Ignite has evolved from a four-month gap year experience for high school graduates to becoming an extension, additional campus of Life Pacific College in Christiansburg, Virginia. A fully accredited college experience while maintaining the original and very unique distinctives of Ignite that began 10 years ago.

As we look to the future, we join with the rest of our Life Pacific family in celebrating the move from College to University. The partnership is stronger than ever, the opportunities are increasing for our students on both the West and East coasts, and the need is greater than ever before for prospective students and supporters of the vision to train, educate and equip emerging leaders to discover and pursue their Life-Mission.Praying many blessings over you this Christmas,

Praying many blessings over you this Christmas,
Mike Larkin, Ph.D.

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One of the most fruitful partnerships at LPC-Ignite has been with Society of St. Andrew. Society of St. Andrews is a non-profit organization based in Big Island, Virginia that strives to end hunger through the harvesting and sharing of food! Society of St. Andrew functions as a liaison between LPC-Ignite and a local farmer who has donated part of their land and crop for donation. LPC-Ignite students glean turnips for about 2 to 3 hours on the local farm. They work together to pull, prune, bag, and load hundreds of turnips for St. Andrew’s.


On November 17th around 60 Ignite students participated in gleaning at a farm located in Riner, Virginia.  In just a few short hours of hard work, the Ignite students bagged hundreds of turnips for the local community.  At the final count, it was estimated that the students helped provide over 17,000 turnips! With Thanksgiving fast approaching, the students were excited they had such a unique opportunity to serve their community.


We are thankful for opportunities to love and serve our community!   #ThisIsIgnite 


One of the four pillars for the LPC-Ignite community is Global Mission. It is a commitment to provide intentional opportunities for students to expand their worldview, develop effective cross-cultural skill, and to foster missional experience through dynamic domestic and international service partnerships.