Why Ignite?

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Monthly Update

Why I and the church I pastor support
LPC Ignite


The effectiveness of the Church hinges on leaders empowered by the Holy Spirit. If the Church is going to impact our culture and world we must continue to invest in leaders preparing them for the work of the Kingdom. That is why Grace Covenant financially supports IGNITE. We believe it is an investment into the future of the Church as leaders are being equipped through theological training and practical hands on ministry experience. There is no way around it; the health and vibrancy of the Church tomorrow will be determined by the leaders we are investing in and preparing today.

– Pastor Farrell Lemings and Grace Covenant Church


Why I chose IGNITE

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Three years ago, I decided to come to Ignite for college. I had hopes and dreams of being discipled and equipped for ministry, and my parents had hopes and dreams of me earning an accredited degree. Ignite has satisfied all that and more. Coming into my first day at Ignite, I knew I was called to ministry and hoped to travel the world as a missionary. Over the past two years, God has truly clarified and specified my dreams for missions and has used the classes at Ignite to show me what I am most passionate about. I am so thankful for everything I have learned about the Word of God, the Church, and His people. I have had the opportunity to travel to Nicaragua not once, but twice with Ignite. Through serving at churches my Freshman year, I met the church I now currently call home and work at as a Children's Pastor. I have had the opportunity to lead and mentor five students through being an RA as a Junior here at Ignite. I say all this to express that Ignite accomplishes its mission statement through the classes, service, and experiences it offers every student who attends. I am so thankful to have been a student at Ignite, and would do it all over again if I had the chance!

- Kylie Mogee


Why we launched IGNITE


In just four months it will be 10 years since the vision for a ministry training institute called Ignite was introduced to the Foursquare Cabinet. With overwhelming support from Foursquare leadership, the first group of Ignite students – almost 30 - gathered in Los Angeles just six months later. Ignite was born.

Why Ignite? More and more high school graduates are choosing to walk away from their childhood faith in Christ and their involvement with the church after heading off to college.1 Additionally, the median age for local church pastoral leadership is getting older. The vision for Ignite was to take the elements of short-term global missions, local church immersion discipleship, and accredited biblical higher education - building a ministry training institute where academics, discipleship, community development and global mission would be the structural pillars. After 10 years we’ve crossed the threshold of maybe we’re on to something. There is no more “maybe” about it.

Why Ignite? We ARE on to something! Something different. Something unique. The elements of biblical higher education with practical hands-on application, and the intentional effort to disciple and equip for serving in the community is rising up a generation of future leaders in the church and for God’s kingdom.

The purpose of these monthly updates is to inform but to also intrigue and spark an interest for your involvement. Unless the Lord builds the house, he who builds it labors in vain.2 In no way can we do this alone, nor will we attempt to. Every effort has been made to trust God, seek God, wait on God while also being willing to step out of the boat and do the seemingly impossible.

Why Ignite for you personally or for you and your church? Do you see the value of accredited biblical higher education? Are you committed to the training and educating of college age young people with the intention of seeing them rise up and lead the furtherance of God’s kingdom? Then we invite you to partner with us. Please pray. We need financial partners, and students called by God with a desire to be kingdom leaders. Please consider how you can get involved with the Ignite – Life Pacific College family.


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