To the Nations

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This year’s theme for the LPC Ignite campus and emphasis on recruitment for future students is “To The Nations.” Our students have a keen sense of the mandate upon their lives to go into all the world and make disciples of the nations. Trained and equipped with an awareness and sensitivity for cross-cultural issues and a love to serve people is opening many doors for our students to walk through. A key element in their training experience is to come into contact and dialogue with world changing leaders. Leslie Keegel is that kind of leader and spiritual connection for our students. Leslie is the Chairman of the Foursquare Global Council. He serves as the Foursquare National Leader of Sri Lanka and the South Asia Regional Coordinator for Foursquare Missions. We are honored to announce that Leslie Keegel will be with us in May as our graduation Commencement Speaker. Please continue to pray for our students as they prepare for life and ministry beyond college and for the many who are making preparation now to travel to all parts of the world this May for mission training. We are thankful for your support.

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Mike Larkin, Ph.D.


Spring Preview 2018

Ready or Not, Let's Talk!

On April 6-7th the place to be is on the campuses of LPC-IGNITE in Christiansburg, VA for Spring Preview 2018!!

Come and visit our home and make it your own!

This is an opportunity for you to:

1) Explore Campus,
2) Experience Dorm Life
3) Participate in a Night of Worship
4) Meet Faculty and Staff
5) Celebrate late night at an IGNITE Coffee House, and so much more.

LPC- IGNITE faculty will present IGNITETalk sessions to help prepare you for College! These include:

 Science & Reason In A Fake News World – Ike Shepardson, PhD
 #Globies: Becoming Ambassadors to the World
     Margie Waldo Simon, MAICS
 Elevator Gospel – Michael P. Larkin, PhD, President, LPC-IGNITE
 Are You Personally Ready For College? – Rosa Carter Jones, MFT, MA.Ed
 21st Century Worshipers – Matt Kelly

Register NOW at or call our offices at (540) 394-7201 for more information.

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Student Update

Tara Hall

Fourth year student, Tara Hall (New Hampshire), is nearly half way through an (85) day study and service abroad assignment in the greater Athens communities of Greece teaching English, serving young women refugees from the Middle East, and continuing to develop cross-cultural skill, wisdom, and capacity before returning to Virginia to graduate with a bachelors degree and her Class of 2018!


Here in Athens I am building relationships with refugees. It's that quality time spent that opens the door for true friendship. Some days I craft with them, another I sit with them at lunch, and another day teach their English class, it's about connection.
I think a mistake we make is only seeing people's physical needs but not their social or spiritual. The refugees move away from all of their friends and some families are split between Greece and Germany. Yes, they need a home cooked meal, but they also need Jesus!

Can you please pray with me for the following:

· Pray that the refugees will get the soil of their heart ready to accept the good news.
· Pray that God would heal the hearts of those who have lost their homes, spouses
and children.
· Pray for long term missionaries in Greece to find favor obtaining visas.
· Pray for me to continue to make friendships with those God has placed in front of me.



One of the four pillars for the LPC-Ignite community is Global Mission. It is a commitment to provide intentional opportunities for students to expand their worldview, develop effective cross-cultural skill, and to foster missional experience through dynamic domestic and international service partnerships.

As a community we continue to live out the 2017-2018 theme of To The Nations! As we wind up the academic year, we have identified four locations where IGNITE students will spend much of May 2018 serving and learning:



Team Alaska embodies the spirit of St. Francis of Assisi and his exhortation to: “Preach the Gospel at all times. When necessary, use words.” Alaska is a service oriented and action based mission trip, with little verbal preaching, but with communities carefully watching how our students love, serve, and work on behalf of the Native peoples. Sadly, the history of Christianity and the Church in Alaska has a checkered past marked by horrific acts perpetrated in the name of God. The goal of this team is to love people through service and to live the love of Christ through meeting practical needs. Hosts Rod & Teresa Koop are wise and loving hosts!


Team A/G will split their time between the Balkan nation of Albania (predominantly Muslim) and the Mediterranean nation of Greece (predominantly Orthodox Christian). In Albania IGNITE students will serve with wonderful veteran missionaries Chris & Laura Dakas and the holistic ministry of the Stephen Centre in the capitol city of Tirana. In Macedonia team members will learn from Gypsy pastors and leaders about church planting and missions; in Thessaloniki students will serve young refugee women and their children and in Athens students will truly ‘serve the nations’ among those who call Athens home via outreach, refugee service, and intercession. Beloved European leaders John-Henry and Lisbeth Nosen will provide leadership and care in Athens for students.


Team Nicaragua is all about ministry to children, youth, and opportunities for Spanish immersion. Skits, sports and games, puppets, school visits, and compassion projects will fill students’ days. In addition, there will be opportunities to participate in urban ministry in the capitol city of Managua; rural village outreach; and Bible distribution to those who have never owned their own Bible! This team is all about practical hands on help, play, and loving kids and their families while sharing the Good News of the Gospel! We are delighted to again partner with Randhus and Sylvia Carrion!


Team Russia will make their headquarters in the historic and exquisite St. Petersburg, home to (7) million people. This team is all about education, historical understanding, cultural immersion, and intensive prayer for the peoples St. Petersburg and throughout this vast nation. A primary focus of this trip is to encourage and develop friendships with Russian college students. LPC-IGNITE students will be fortunate to experience the national May 9th holiday that celebrates Russia’s victory in WWII.